Blind Dates Vs. Online Dating

Your friends have decided that you need a little help on your social life and they prepare a blind date, either with a friend or a friend of a friend. You, foolishly, agree. Now, you’re here, it’s been less than an hour since you where introduced.

You’re sitting in a Chinese restaurant and you hate Chinese food. The entrees have not been served yet. The idea of the other person’s good conversation it’s who will be the champion of the Soccer season and you do not like sports.

He knows all the sports programming on television completely, however you, haven’t watch television in weeks because they’ve been very busy because you’re probably a volunteer in some organization in your city.

blind date

Then he tells that being a volunteer is a waste of time because you can’t help many people anyway. You look at your watch and you realize that only 5 minutes have passed since the last time you looked at it and ask yourself how long it will take to get rid of such a situation you are involved. Have you been in a similar situation?

Now imagine an appointment with someone you met on the Internet and have been talking via email or chat rooms for some time. First, you do not have to be introduced. You already know this man. Then, you find yourself in a restaurant enjoying a delicious Italian meal because you know that the favorite food of both is Italian.

The conversation was pleasantly developed because your themes are of common interest. He is a volunteer and is interested in history just like you. You see your watch and you realize that it is too late; time has passed flying.

There is a big difference between well-intentioned events that your friends prepare for you and dates that you prepare for yourself with someone who has your same likes, don’t you think? Which one would you choose?