21 People Got Caught Cheating And Were Exposed On Social Media – Hilarious Pics

This is the 21st Century, and the Social Media is the rave of the moment. We’re so used to Social Media websites, that everything gets posted on Social Media, from taking selfies at the bathroom, to taking them on Mountain Top.

The sad truth is that some people are positively inspired and get the positive side of this, while others get the negative side of it, including cheater who saw the cruelty of Social Media. I will be sharing with you today, pictures of Twenty one (21) persons exposed on Social Media for cheating.

1. Obviously, this guy is doing everything for his girlfriend, but she seems to like her roommate more than him. His post on Facebook really showed how angry he is.

people caught cheating on social Media

2. Beware of Her Friends

When you’re dating a popular girl or a girl with lots of friends, you should know, better than anything else, NOT to cheat on her. Here’s a girl exposing her friends “cheating boyfriend” on Social Media.

people caught cheating on social Media

3. Making the third list of people caught cheating and exposed on social Media, is Cassy’s partner, who was put on a blast.

people caught cheating on social Media

4. Karl

Karl was caught cheating and was obviously sorry for what he was caught doing. His partner, Kimberly put him on full blast with a facebook post that went viral.

people caught cheating on social Media

His reply really earned him some respect, not acting like a kid who goes on a rant against their partner.

5. Public Post

This Woman, who goes by the name, Steph on Facebook, was really angry by the way some men were discussing on social Media, according to her facebook post, the main reason why she decided to post this pic, was because the men were married, and cheating on the spouse. Not to mention, that they called their wives “stupid”.

people caught cheating on social Media

Women hates it, when ever they are described or called stupid, by men who thinks they’re too wise.


This seems like the most powerful word to use in ending a relationship in the most hurtful of ways! Taking to Facebook, a user uploaded a photo of his cheating girlfriend, with the inscription, “Destroyed”

people caught cheating on social Media

What i really loved, is that her face is not shown. It is bad, very distasteful to cheat on a partner in a relationship, but i don’t support putting their full and complete face on social Media.

That’s Nice

A very hurtful woman took to Facebook, to share a picture of her husband caught cheating. The obviously ashamed husband who knew his fate would be decided and published on social media, hide his face with a pillow, but his partner, who might not have known if the Man was married, didn’t hide her face.

people caught cheating on social Media

The post was loved by 174 people and has more than 60 comments.

8 Months Old Pregnant Woman

Sometimes, am really sad by the news i hear everyday. WHY would anyone who looks 8 month pregnant decides to cheat on their spouse? If you don’t like him, his character or how he’s treating you, just ask for a divorce and get on with your life.

people caught cheating on social Media

Who would be so crazy to date a pregnant woman?

Here’s how this 8 months old cheating wife was caught, and the systematic way it was reported to the Husband.

Lost Bag

Jessica is funny, and obviously she was hurt after seeing evidence of her boyfriend cheating habits.

people caught cheating on social Media

The boyfriend cup runneth over, when his side girlfriend mistakenly left her bag in his headboard.

Jessica’s cheating boyfriend, whose name is obviously George, said he has no idea who the bag belongs to.

Kisses Dylan

Jordan is obviously hurt when her boyfriend, who she left ONLY for a night. Taking to facebook to share her pains, Jordan took diss at girls who cheats on their boyfriends anytime of the day.

people caught cheating on social Media

She also took a clean sweep at her boyfriend, Dylan. Whom she seems to cut off tiers with.

Her post got up to 906 likes and 2 shares.

Happy Hunting

It seems people are inventive, and a hurt woman can go any length to do hurtful things. One girlfriend, whose boyfriend mistakenly left his computer on, and facebook open, was caught chatting with a girl named Keisha, and seeing the chat, confirm her boyfriend is cheating.

people caught cheating on social Media

Her message is so straight to the point.

I won’t want to cross ways with this girl.

Don’t Log On To your Facebook With your Partner’s Phone

people caught cheating on social Media

A cheating boyfriend did the world worst and stupidest of mistakes, by using his girlfriend phone, and logging into his facebook account.

Apparently appalled, she took to his account and exposed him.


It’s Your Private Business

When your girlfriend knows your facebook logins, or you left your account open, she would expose you to the world. A supposed cheating boyfriend, Alan was exposed by his girlfriend, on his facebook account.

The comments that followed are hilarious.

people caught cheating on social Media

A Facebook Post

Marshall’s girlfriend did took to his facebook account to change his relationship status, from been in a relationship to single.

people caught cheating on social Media

According to the raged girlfriend, who said Marshall left his facebook account logged in, decided to swoop in and saw his massive flirting with different girls.

The funniest of all, is their agreement of taking the xbox when “ready”

woman caught cheating on husband