Mysterious: 15 Places You’re NOT Allowed To Visit OR See Inside In The World

Have you ever heard of this kind of statement before? As in, there are 13 Specific places in the world, you’re not allowed to visit or even go inside, and the reasons are bizarre.

If you have ever thought that the world is your oyster, then i will advice you to Think again! From top secret HQ’s to secretive underground train networks, am bringing to you, the Top 12 places you won’t be entering anytime soon for love or money.

AND below are the lists.

RAF Minworth: Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Just in case you’re not aware, this wonderful and peculiar looking complex of buildings, which is also dome-shaped structures provide communications and intelligence support to both the United Kingdoms and the United States of America (U.S).

From the above picture, you should note that the base is so vast, it has been described as the biggest electronic monitoring station in the world. Allegedly , each satellite (those big round white things) is actually part of the Echelon system – a top secret network that is used to intercept private and commercial communications.

This is one of the systems which can easily be used to track down terrorists, phishing emails that has racked in Millions, and issues like panamas papers.

Bohemian Grove

Like something out of a cult thriller film, Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acre rural location somewhere in Monte Rio, California. The land is owned by private San-Fran based arts club known – surprisingly – as the Bohemian Club. Every summer, the club host a two-week, three weekend camp in the woods for the most powerful men in the world. It all looks a bit weird.

Coca-Cola Recipe Vault

Coca-Cola has guarded it’s secret recipe for over 125 years, and although the company will give access to the vault for paying people. It is widely believed that the recipe is kept far far away.

Vatican Secret Archive

This isn’t just any old library, this is a Vatican library! Only a sacred few have access to the vaults – but feat not, if you need to read one of the books (which by the way are owned by the Pope) you can receive the manuscript via email – how very modern!

Lascaux Caves – France

Found in South West France, Lascaux is complex of caves that are world-renowned for its Palaeolithic cave paintings that are estimated to be over 17,500 years old. Although these caves were once open to the public, they have since been closed to preserve the original artwork.

Pine Gap – Australia

Known as Australia’s equivalent of Area 51. Located in central Australia, and run the by the government and the CIA, it’s the only place in the land down under designated as a no fly zone and is used as a monitoring station. What they’re monitoring, we don’t know. But according to recent news, Pine Gap operate a number of drone strike programmes.

Moscow Metro-2

Moscow Metro-2

Metro-2 is a secret underground tube system which runs parallel with the public metro system in Moscow. The system was built during the reign of Stalin and was code-named, D-6 by the Russian intelligence organisation – the KGB. When quizzed on this secret underground system, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) would not confirm or deny its existence. It’s rumoured that the underground system dwarfs the public Metro with 4 lines that run between 50-200m deep allowing the Kremlin to connect directly with FSB HQ, the government airport and an underground town at Ramenki.

Room 39 North Korea

room 39 building

Based in North Korea, Room 39, also known as Bureau 39 is a secretive organisation thats sole purpose is to find ways to obtain foreign currency for Kim Jong-un. Established in 1970, the organisation has been described as the kingpin of North Korea’s so-called, ‘court economy’.

Although very little has been published on Room 39, it’s believed that the organisation has over 20 bank accounts in Switzerland and China and are used solely for the purpose of money laundering and other illegal transactions. It has also been reported that the organisation is involved in drug smuggling and illicit weapon sales.

What is known, is that the secretive group have over 130 trading companies under its jurisdiction which are controlled by Kim Jong-un. If you ever fancy popping over to North Korean and attempting to enter the organisations HQ, you need to head towards the Workers Party building in Pyongyang.

Mezghorye, Russia

This place has been reported as Russia’s secret nuclear missile site. There are two battalions permanently stationed here to ward off visitors.

The base contains automatic ballistic missiles which can be remotely activated in the event of a nuclear strike which is detected by seismic, light and pressure sensors.

Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club

Located at Disneyland, California, this fairly unobtrusive looking front door is actually the entrance to a highly exclusive members only club. How do I get in ? I hear you cry.

Well firstly, you need to locate it. Without giving too much away, head to New Orleans Square and look for the Blue Bayou. Getting in won’t be as easy – the club is not open to the public. However, members, which include Presidents of the United States, business leaders and actors – can bring friends and associates along, so you better start networking!

Area 51

Probably the worst kept secret, Area 51 is the alias for a military base that is located in Nevada – around 80 miles north-west of downtown Las Vegas. In the centre of the base is a large military airfield. According to insiders, the base’s main purpose is research and development of experimental aircrafts and weaponry. What’s bizarre is that the U.S Government doesn’t acknowledge it’s existence – adding fuel to conspiracy theories that the base is used for analysis of UFO’s and aliens or is that what they want you to think?

Google Data Centre

Home of big brother. this is as heavily guarded as Area 51, Google’s first data center is a high security location with trillions of records of OUR DATA.

Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion



White’s Gentleman Club, England

No, it’s not meant to be racist. It’s the most exclusive men’s club in England and it only caters to the very wealthy, royalty and other men in powerful positions.